Speaker Simulator Comparison Test

Devices under Test

As mentioned earlier I was interested in buying an additional speaker simulator for not more than 100 EUR. The following table contains all I found and tested in that price range. The prices are taken from internet shops in the summer of 2006. Don't complain that they are not up-to-date when you read this article. I put them here just to give you some idea...

Tested Devices
Speaker Simulator Price Power Line Level Input Speaker Level Input
Red Box Pro Hughes & Kettner discontinued not required / passive yes yes
Red Box Classic Hughes & Kettner 70 EUR
  • power supply
  • phantom power
  • battery
yes yes
PDI-09 Palmer 90 EUR not required / passive yes yes
GI100 Ultra-G Behringer 50 EUR
  • phantom power
  • battery
yes yes
F.A.N.T.A. Tube Amp Doctor 75 EUR not required / passive no yes

Although the speaker simulators are pretty similar in terms of connectors and operation, there are some important differences you should notice:

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