Speaker Simulator Comparison Test

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There is one more good thing about the test strategy I decided to use: the basic samples Noisezone and I recorded from the line out of our preamps can be used by everybody! If you own a speaker simulator, which I haven't tested and recorded yet, you could take the basic samples and feed them into your speaker simulator. Then you could record the frequency compensated output. Not to forget: you should send me the resulting files at the end that I can put them onto this web page. ;-)

Some of the speaker simulators out there, which might be interesting for a comparison, are the older ones from Hughes & Kettner. Their model names are:

If you own one of these devices (or any other) and if you have a PC suitable for recording the output sound of your speaker simulator, why don't you just download the original basic samples in WAV file format? If they are to big four your internet connection, use only those ones you are most interested in or send me an e-mail that I can send you MP3 files of high quality instead. Then you can feed the basic recordings into your speaker simulator, record the output (good quality, maybe 24 Bit at 96 kHz?) and send the resulting WAV files to me. Please tell me in advance, because otherwise I might not expect so large file attachments in my e-mail inbox... ;-)

Basic Samples

Download the basic samples as high quality WAV files with 24 Bit at 96 kHz:

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