Speaker Simulator Comparison Test


  1. Overview

    introduction and table of contents

  2. What are Speaker Simulators good for?

    basic information and use cases

  3. Devices under Test

    descriptions of tested speaker simulators

  4. Test Setup & Execution

    about test equipment, test process, etc.

  5. Recorded Sound Samples

    listen to the speaker simulator recordings

  6. Frequency Response

    a bunch of frequency response diagrams

  7. Noise Levels & EMI Sensitivity

    about the things you don't want to hear...

  8. Summary & Next Steps

    wrap-up and planned enhancements

  9. Your Contribution

    about an easy way for you to contribute...

Speaker simulators can be useful tools in many situations. But which one is good enough? Which one sounds crappy? Which one is the right one for you and is worth the money? On this page you get the chance to listen to some popular speaker simulators in comparison.

After having owned Hughes & Kettner's Red Box Pro for some years, I was interested in comparing it to other speaker simulators. For this test I chose models in the price range below 100 EUR, which seemed resonable for me as an amateur musician...

I thought it would be cool to have sound samples in MP3 format everybody could listen to. That's why I recorded some of these little boxes feeding them with sounds ranging from clean to high gain distortion.

A big "thank you" goes to Noisezone. He recorded some base samples on his ADA-MP1 preamp for this test, while I did the ones with the Engl Preamp 530. Find out more on the following pages.

OverviewWhat are Speaker Simulators good for?Devices under TestTest Setup & ExecutionRecorded Sound SamplesFrequency ResponseNoise Levels & EMI SensitivitySummary & Next StepsYour Contribution

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